Saturday, July 20, 2013

Prayer boats
Prayer boats
Designer Supplying bowls - Copper

Puja offering box to hold all the vital puja active ingredients. entirely handmade and delicately sculpted of copper to offer a fine and long long-term finish and sturdiness.

Brass Abhishek tray
Abhishek tray made in massive radiating Brass for Abhishekam of deity Idols.

An Abhisheka is a religious showering ceremony of Deity with spiritual water, milk, yogurt, butter milk, honey, clarified butter, sugar, and all sort of fruit juices. During Abhishekam, Deity is called, seated, greeted, bathed, suited up, fed and praised.

The Deity Idol which could be a Shivalingam or Shreeyantra or Shaligram or statue of Istha God is positioned in this tray and liquid accumulated after showering is made use of to sprinkle around your house and additionally consumed as prasad. A boat for accumulating the liquid is positioned below the electrical outlet of liquid on this tray.

Oil lamps

Rudra center supplies Oil lamps, Antique oil lamps, Oil lamps layout such as samai oil lamps, Cuckoo oil lamp, Hast diya, Om diya, Golden peocock diya, Brass lamp, Aswast diya, Diya in german silver, Amar jyoti geman silver, Oil lamp in brass from India


Rudra center supplies Panchapatra, Silver Panchapatra, Copper panchapatra such as Panchapatra made in copper, Panchapatra in german silver, Panchapatra in Brass, Krishna spoon, Panchapatra made in silver, Naagdev spoon from India

Puja Thalis

Rudra center proposal Puja thali, silver puja thali, pooja thali, Diwali pooja thali, Pooja thali layout, puja plate, Tray with supplying bowls, Designer brass plate, puja thali with five containers from India

Incense stands

Rudra center supplies, Incense stand, Candlestick stands, Attractive candlestick stands, Attractive candlestick holders, Incense burners in lumber, Divine fragrance, Candlestick stand with handle, Pyramid burner, Damru incense stand, Kalash incense stand from India

Haldi kumkum containers

Rudra center supplies Haldi kumkum containers, Haldi kumkum storage bins such as Haldi kumkum containers in brass with plate, haldi kumkum container with three cups, Haldi kumkum container in climbed lumber from India


Rudra center supplies bells, Puja bells, Hindu temple bells, such as Tibetian om bell, Hand bell, Bronze hand bell, Ganesh bell hanging, anjali bells from India

Kapoor, dhoop Aarti

Rudra center supplies Kapoor / dhoop Aarti, camphor lamp, Kapoor lamp, designer camphor lamp, This Aarti be made use of to supply Kapur dhoop to the deities and the smoke from Kapur balls will clear the entire atmosphere

Havan kund and stick

Rudra center supplies Havan kund and sticks, Copper havan kund, Havan kund layouts such as havan sticks, The havan kit, Agni pit, Agnihotri kit, Havan kund in traditional layout, Iron havan kund from India

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